Hey guys thanks for visiting my site. I’ve been playing in bands in Northern VA, Richmond, and VA Beach for over 25 years.  This project is a combination of all of those years spent cutting my teeth.  Take a look at my song list, I’ve got a diverse repertoire for just about any occasion. 
Thanks and I hope to see you guys out there. 
Keep Rocking, 


Boxcar Hobos

Joe's Basement Pod Show.


Boxcar Hobos

Joe's Basement Pod Show.


Boxcar Hobos

Joe's Basement Pod Show.

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Rally in the Ally 

Were going to do some Dierks Bentley and some Zac Brown in this coming show. I love playing these songs, It's just really fun stuff to play.  

Old Ox  

This Friday were have Mr. Joe Gallagher playing percussion for us and it's going to be a awesome time.

Snow Snow 

I know, I know, I know and Thank you for all the Emails.  
The Snow kind of stopped everything here with the Honky Tonks. I will keep you all up to date about rescheduling the Old Ox Brewery gig.  In the meantime were going to be working on some Charlie Daniels Band.  The Devil Went Down To Georgia is going to be a great one for Dat to really work out his fingers. 

Happy New Year  

Happy New Year,  
Looks like were going to be playing a bunch of shows this year. Jump on my mailing list for updates. 
Thanks Have a great New Year!

Some New and Old for you. 

Some New and Old for you this week.
Yo Guys I've got some new ones to try out this week. We just put some Cole Swindell and good old Joe Diffie in the line up this week. Come out and hang with us up at Jimmy's Old Town tavern.  

Rocking the Brad Pasiley tunes  

This week I've picked up a few Brad Pasiley tunes I'll be playing for you guys.
This guy is a monster on the guitar and is really fun to play. Dat Nguyen will be picking up the solos and Rocking it out with me